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Klaveness Combination Carriers ASA (KCC) was established in March 2018 through a consolidation of vessel ownership and operation of all Klaveness’ existing combination carrier business. The consolidated entity mainly consists of KCC Shipowning AS established in 1992 and KCC Chartering AS established in 2002.

Klaveness has been an owner and operator of combination carriers since the early 1950s. Over this period Klaveness has developed and refined vessel design and equipment, operational procedures and crew training, to provide our customers with the most efficient, reliable and high quality shipping services.

Klaveness Combination Carrier ASA has a fleet of 12 vessels in operation. The company is in the midst of a fleet expansion program with five vessels on order. In addition, the Company has a number of in-the-money fixed price options for further newbuildings, and is working on other attractive market opportunities.


Unique business model well positioned for growth

The Klaveness combination carriers trade in dedicated trade patterns with consecutive switching between dry and wet cargo shipments with minimum ballast between the laden voyages. We ship tanker cargoes into dry bulk export hubs such as Australia and South America and ship dry bulk cargoes on the return leg.


The efficient trading pattern of the Klaveness combination carriers give:

  • Higher asset utilization through having two laden legs, which gives a higher number of revenue days compared to standard vessels.

  • Substantial fuel cost advantage with 40-60% the fuel consumption per ton-mile transported cargo compared to standard dry bulk and tanker vessels.

  • Reduced emissions per transported ton of cargo, minimizing the environmental footprint of the fleet.

  • Lower freight costs to our customers compared to the best alternative mode of transportation while at the same time giving our shareholders better earnings and downside protection compared to standard shipping segments.

Long term logistic provider for the alumina and aluminium industry

Our specialized CABU combination carriers service the aluminium and alumina industry transporting caustic soda solution (CSS) to the world’s largest alumina refineries in Australia and Brazil, and alumina to the aluminium smelters. In addition, the CABUs transport a number of other dry bulk commodities such as salt, bauxite, iron ore, grains and coal.

Introducing a new combi service to the petroleum and petrochemical industry

KCC has a new generation of 8 combination carriers (CLEANBUs) under construction at Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. The first vessel was delivered in January 2019. Through this fleet of vessels, KCC will expand its combination carrier transport service include the petroleum and petrochemical industries, starting up in Australia and South America. On the return leg the CLEANBUs will, as the CABUs, transport various dry bulk commodities.


Example of Trading Pattern

Illustration 1 – Dry Cargo | 2 – Wet Cargo

Illustration 1 – Dry Cargo | 2 – Wet Cargo

Note: For the same round voyage, a standard vessel would typically ballast for 15–20 days, while a combination carrier ballast around 4 days


 Proven track-record and solid platform

The holding company, Klaveness Combination Carriers ASA, was established in March 2018, consolidating ship owning and chartering subsidiaries established in the 1990s and 2000s.


Klaveness has been an owner and operator of combination carriers on a continuous basis since the early 1950s. Over this period Klaveness has proven its ability to identify and develop combination carrier concepts, refined vessel design and equipment, operational procedures and crew training, to provide our customers with the most efficient, reliable and high quality bulk shipping service.

The first CABUs were introduced in 2001, replacing Klaveness’ PROBO (product bulk) combination carriers which successfully serviced the Australian alumina industry since their delivery in 1988-89. After their introduction, the CABUs have built a convincing operational track record with minimum downtime, and have had around 700 consecutive switches from dry to wet cargoes with only one single wet cargo claim. The CABU business is built on strong customer relationship with high retention rate and high contract coverage.

The combination carrier business interacts with Klaveness Chartering, Klaveness Ship Management and Klaveness Digital, entities outside of the Klaveness Combination Carrier group of companies. Klaveness Chartering operates at any time around 130 supramax, panamax, kamsarmax and post panamax dry bulk vessels. Through co-operation with this large scale dry bulk operation, KCC can offer the best possible service to our dry bulk cargo customers, and get the best possible access to dry bulk spot cargoes when KCC’s combination carriers are open in dry bulk loading areas. KCC actively uses Klaveness Digital’s solutions as tools to ease daily communication and work proactively with customers to optimize their logistics.

Ship management is performed by Klaveness Ship Management AS certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 37000 and OSHAS 18000.


Concept benefiting the customer

Klaveness_Reduced freight costs

Reduced freight costs

Due to larger lot sizes and efficient trading patterns with minimal ballast, KCC can offer customers discounted freight costs compared to standard vessels

Klaveness_Reduced demurrage costs

Reduced demurrage costs

KCC works closely with its customers to optimize their shipping program by actively adapting vessel speed and scheduling to minimize port congestion and demurrage costs

Klaveness_Reduced environmental footprint

Reduced environmental footprint

Efficient trading pattern with minimum ballast and efficient vessel designs imply a substantial reduction in GHG and SOx emissions per transported ton of cargo, thereby contributing to reducing the environmental footprint of our customers’ supply chain

Klaveness_Operational excellence

Operational excellence

Dedicated tonnage with experienced commercial and technical management and crew ensure cargo and trade familiarity

Board of Directors and Management


Lasse Kristoffersen
Chairman of the Board

Morten Skedsmo
Board member 

Magne Øvreås
Board member

Stephanie Wu
Board member 

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Lori Wheeler Næss
Board member


Engebret Dahm
Chief Executive Officer

Liv Hege Dyrnes
Chief Financial Officer


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