Klaveness Combination Carriers provides the most efficient and environmentally friendly shipping solution to our tanker and dry bulk cargo customers, securing superior earnings and downside protection for our shareholders

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Klaveness Combination Carriers ASA (KCC) was established in March 2018 through a consolidation of vessel ownership and operation of all Klaveness’ existing combination carrier business. The consolidated entity mainly consists of KCC Shipowning AS established in 1992 and KCC Chartering AS established in 2002.


Unique business model


Capitalizing on key macro trends

Proven track-record


Concept benefiting the customer



Our fleet of 12 combination carriers with additional 5 under construction set new standards for efficient and environmentally friendly shipping


Investor Relations

Klaveness Combination Carriers ASA is listed on Oslo Axess under the ticker KCC. The company is owned by about 110 shareholders. The largest shareholder is Klaveness Ship Holding AS by approximately 54 %.